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Travel Update 03-27-21

Hello travel friends!! We have missed you all, missed all our adventures and exploring new places together. We have also missed our ice cream stops at the end of some of our past trips. There finally seems to be a light in the distance from our long Covid tunnel and we cannot wait to get on the road again!

Gladys has had her two shots and Fred becomes eligible on April 5.  We are guessing a lot of you have also had your shots or your time is coming up just like Fred’s.

As more and more people get vaccinated, we are hopeful that we will be resuming touring again sometime this year, maybe late summer or early fall. 

Currently a lot of the museums and other venues we have visited are either not open yet or not taking large groups at this time.  Some of our favorite places such as “Pigs Fly Bakery” are only allowing 8 people in the store while Stonewall Kitchen is allowing 35 people into their store.

Both locations do not know if they will be taking large groups this summer.  We have also wondered about morning coffee stops with a large group. Would they be able to take us all at once? 

We are hopeful that as the year progresses things will gradually get back to normal and we will once again be able to take 55 of you on the road with us. 

Currently cruise ships are still not able to sail from U S ports. You may have heard Royal Caribbean is launching 7 night sailings this summer from Bermuda to the Bahamas as well as from Nassau Bahamas to their private island Coco Cay and Cozumel also for 7 nights. Sister company Celebrity Cruises begins sailing one ship this summer from St. Maarten to the Caribbean as well. Disney and Universal are both open and require park reservations. Hawaii is also open.

Of course all of this comes with restrictions, such as you must be vaccinated to board the cruise ship and everyone no matter where you go you will need to wear a mask.

Canada and Europe still remain off limits for American travelers. Iceland will allow you to visit but you must be vaccinated. For the big trips, you may want to consider booking for 2022 or even 2023.

Feel free to email me to just say hello.  I enjoy hearing from everyone.

On to brighter days ahead!   Please continue to stay safe and we will continue to update you on traveling soon!!

Happy Easter & Passover!   Fred

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Happy Thanksgiving 11-26-20

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our guests.
We don’t have any travel news to share but have been thinking about all of our guests and hoping they are all doing well and staying healthy and safe. 
Gladys is filling her time walking the neighborhood and chatting with the neighbors at a safe distance.   I am still working from home full time(they just extended us until April 5, 2021) walking the neighborhood and checking out new places to visit when we can all travel together once again.  
We want to wish you all a safe Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah season
Please continue to wear your masks stay safe and fingers crossed the vaccine ends this thing real soon. 
Fred & Gladys 

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July Trip Notice

Hello Everyone!
Normally this would be the time of the month I would let you know what trips still have a few seats left on them as well as make any new trip announcements.
As I write this, the Covid 19 virus is still around and while the numbers seem to be trending in the right direction in our state other states can’t say the same.  Some of the states are requiring a 14 day self quarantine while others such as Maine require you to have paperwork saying you have tested negative in the 3 days prior to your arrival in the state.
With this virus still around, a lot of the attractions are not fully open or operating at 100%.  Others attractions are only allowing a visit if we remain outside
Because of this, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining trips we have scheduled for 2020.
You will be receiving a full 100% refund in the coming weeks for any trips you had a deposit on. We thank you for all of the times you have traveled with us and hope we can all be traveling together again in 2021 or 2022.
Any questions, please let me know by replying to this email or if you want to talk, call the office at 508-421-6882.    Please stay healthy and safe.
Yours In Travel    Fred
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May Trip Update

Dear Travelers:
This update is in regards to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) and our upcoming tours.
We understand that you may have concerns and questions regarding our 2020 scheduled tours.
Rest assured, the health and safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us, and we take this issue very seriously.  We are continuing to monitor the situation very closely.
We have paused our 2020 tour season and hope to resume it with the August 1, 2020 trip.
If there are any changes to this trip or any others after that date we will contact you directly.
We continue to offer the option to transfer your payments to a trip later this year or a full refund.
We want to assure you that we will be here, ready and able to travel with you as soon as it is possible to do so.  Until that time comes, stay healthy and safe. We miss all of our guests and look forward to seeing all of you soon.
We appreciate you and want to THANK YOU for your continued support and for your patience as we navigate these challenging times.
Posted by: And Away We Go Travel | April 4, 2020

April trip update


Here we are in the month of April already and we are hoping very soon (this month or even next month) we can begin to start returning to as near normal as possible or maybe with some changes.  Maybe go to the grocery store without worrying about 6 feet of separation, going out to dinner with family and friends or even take a trip with Fred and Gladys.    WE MISS OUR GUESTS!!!

While it is disappointing that we had to pause our spring tour season, we are proud that we were able to offer our guests a choice of a full refund or credit on our day and overnight motorcoach tours during these uncertain times.

We want to thank you again for believing in us and are ready to hop on the bus as soon as possible.  We are confident that we will WEATHER THIS STORM.

I have attached a flyer for a brand new trip to see the King Tut exhibit in Boston, Sunday October 4, 2020.  Also attached are flyers for trips that still have some seats available this year. The overnight trip in Junea day trip to Plymouth, 42nd Street in July, Washington in October(a lovey time to be there) or join us in November for Mousetrap.

We are hoping to restart our tour season in mid June as long as it is safe and we are allowed to do so.

Any questions or if you just want to talk,  you can call the office at 508-421-6882 or send me an email:

Take care and stay safe. We look forward to seeing everyone and being “On the Road Again” as soon as we can.     Fred


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