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March 27, 2021

Hello travel friends!! We have missed you all, missed all our adventures and exploring new places together. We have also missed our ice cream stops at the end of some of our past trips. There finally seems to be a light in the distance from our long Covid tunnel and we cannot wait to get on the road again!

Gladys has had her two shots and Fred becomes eligible on April 5.  We are guessing a lot of you have also had your shots or your time is coming up just like Fred’s.

As more and more people get vaccinated, we are hopeful that we will be resuming touring again sometime this year, maybe late summer or early fall. 

Currently a lot of the museums and other venues we have visited are either not open yet or not taking large groups at this time.  Some of our favorite places such as “Pigs Fly Bakery” are only allowing 8 people in the store while Stonewall Kitchen is allowing 35 people into their store.

Both locations do not know if they will be taking large groups this summer.  We have also wondered about morning coffee stops with a large group. Would they be able to take us all at once? 

We are hopeful that as the year progresses things will gradually get back to normal and we will once again be able to take 55 of you on the road with us. 

Feel free to email me to just say hello. fredandawaywegotravel@gmail.com.                                                                      I enjoy hearing from everyone, and I know Gladys loves hearing from all our guests as well.

On to brighter days ahead!   Please continue to stay safe and we will continue to update you on traveling soon!!

Happy Easter & Passover!   Fred & Gladys