Posted by: And Away We Go Travel | September 17, 2022

New 2023 day trips

Thanks to all of our travelers for filling our trips this year so far! We greatly appreciate you traveling with us.

We have added two new day trips for 2023. Saturday March 11, we are going to Nellie’s in the Irish Catskills of New York for lunch and a show. Required Covid waiver attached.

Next up is Saturday April 15, we are back to the Stoneham Theater for the 60’s musical “Bee Hive”. Of course lunch is included as well. Required Covid waiver attached.

We are planning a flying trip next year to America’s Music Cities, Memphis – Nashville and New Orleans!

Date is September 29 to October 06, 2023. We have the day to day itinerary but not the complete pricing yet. If you are interested in more information for this great trip please contact us by calling the office (508) 421-6682 or by email to get the itinerary.


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