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Vermont Trip Report

What You Missed In Vermont

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The day started out very chilly along with a lot of fog as 52 of us boarded the Silver Fox motorcoach with our regular driver “Tim” in command as we headed out to see the Vermont foliage.

Everyone knew they were going to the Fullerton Inn and the Vermont Country Store in Weston which left room for a couple of surprises.

IMG_3771After leaving the Vermont Visitor’s Center in Guilford which was our restroom and coffee stop, the first surprise of the day was a stop at the Creamery Covered Bridge in Brattleboro, VT where everyone got off the coach to take pictures.

Continuing on we proceeded to our next surprise stop, the Dummerston Vermont Congregational Church Apple Pie Festival!

I found out about it from the ladies at the visitors center.   The guys handling parking were quite surprised to see a very large bus show up at the festival but did an outstanding job helping us unload everyone and assisting Tim in parking it.

The festival is an annual one held on the lawn of the church with a very large craft fair across the street in the Grange Hall.   This year the ladies of the church made 1,477 handmade apple pies while the children of the church hand cranked all of the homemade vanilla ice cream.     There were slices of pie, whole pies, cider, and cheese and cider donuts.

Everyone enjoyed at least a slice of pie with many purchasing whole ples as well.   The festival is very popular as a motorcycle ride as there were a lot of them already there and many more arriving before we left.

Next stop was the lovely Fullerton Inn in Chester Vermont where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch before heading off to the Vermont Country Store in Weston.     Shopping was enjoyed by all before we departed for home in the late afternoon with one more surprise stop – the Townshend Dam in Townshend for more photo opportunities.

If this sounds like a good time to you – come and join us on our next trip.


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